King Abdullah of Jordan: IDFWU

King Abdullah of Jordan is setting an example and leading his people into battle just like the kings of old when he was shown clad in military fatigues in the picture above before a Jordanian air strike against ISIS positions. The vow comes in response to the video released by ISIS of the execution of 27 year old Jordanian fighter-pilot Moaz al-Kasabeh, who was burned alive by the terrorist organization.

While rumours of King Abdullah leading his troops into battle personally have proven false, the King is a former helicopter pilot in the Jordanian Airforce and was the former head of their special forces. He has come out promising a “relentless war” against ISIS and has been seen in many videos shown on Jordanian TV preparing with his troops for the onslaught against the terrorist group.

The King has presented himself as a reformer to the West and is very comfortable in-front of the cameras, having made appearances on the Daily Show and a cameo on Star Trek: Voyager. However, he has been criticized at home for lack of progress in his promises of constitutional reform, and many Jordanians burned their ballots in the 2013 election.

Check out the video below released by the Jordanian military claiming to show air strikes against ISIS positions.



  1. Michael Bernard
    Michael Bernard

    Maybe I just don’t understand the song reference but maybe it should be: YDWTFWM (You Didn’t Want To F* With Me).

    I like King Abdullah. I hope he kills the hell out of ISIS.

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