They Might Be Royalty

One of the themes that has surfaced time and again during the Obama Administration has been “The Imperial Presidency”, as well as the extreme luxury and privilege afforded to the First Family. Does this trend actually indicate a drift toward an accepted royal class in twenty-first century America, nearly 240 years after revolting against a similar situation with Great Britain?

As far as governing style, Obama has shown a particular zeal for Rule by Diktat. While using the excuse that “congress refuses to act” as a screen for executive over-reach, Obama never showed a predisposition to working with the opposition party. While the Obamacare debates were promised to be televised, they famously were not. In fact, Obama cynically delayed announcing his Amnesty Plan until after the mid-term elections solely to prevent his own party from facing a rebuke from voters—the exact opposite of the intended democratic process.

As the Heritage Foundation has stated, “President Obama accidentally vindicates the Founders’ fear of tyranny in American when he boasts, “We’re going to do everything we can, wherever we can, with or without Congress, to make things happen.”

While it is no surprise to find right-leaning publications picking up the Imperial narrative, it may signal the end of the debate once the New York Times agrees that it is a done deal, that Obama has gone full dictator. Or as close as he can, anyways.

This may have been easily predicted. Besides the well-known usurpations of power and executive overreach, the same behavior that suggests a “Royalty Mindset” have been a fixture of the Obama Family’s stay in the White House, almost from the first day. Whether it was the rapid uptick in the number of White House parties, ludicrously expensive vacationing,  ridiculous travel and entourage hosting on the taxpayer dime, crony kickbacks,  plum internships for the first daughters, the Obama bromance with proud former crack dealer Jay-Z, clowning around on the golf course immediately after the somber announcement of the beheading of James Foley—the optics seem to suggest that Obama has been more interested in what the Presidency could do for him, rather than what he could do as President. This despite his promise during the first presidential campaign that he would be “giving himself” to us.

Maybe the best illustration of the Obama Family Royal Double-Standard is the Michelle Obama “Let’s Move” initiative. While Michelle Obama, who was not bestowed by the American People with any power whatsoever, has forced school children across the country to eat gross food or their districts lose vital federal funding, her own children eat nothing but the absolute best.

So expect the Royal Family to make the most out of their dwindling time remaining in the White House, as it is their right as an elected member of the One-Percent to take by force from the American Taxpayer what they cannot afford for themselves. The question then becomes—How soon after leaving the White House until we get a reality TV version of “Keeping Up With The Obama’s”?

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