77% of Millennials Don’t Even Know Their Senators

In a survey of 1000 people from the ages of 18-34, less than a quarter of them could name one of their home-state U.S. senators. Sadly, 90% also said they planned to vote in 2016. Not surprisingly, the youngest generation eligible to cast ballots tends to favor the Democratic Party, with only about a quarter of those surveyed saying that they lean towards the GOP.

Somewhat more surprising were the results of the poll which asked which of the current likely Democratic presidential candidates they would vote for. Among Democrats, 57% said Hillary Clinton, followed by Joe Biden and Elizabeth Warren with 10% each. The Republican side is much tighter, as Jeb Bush won the poll with only 16% support.

One other question of note which the survey asked: How do you see the government? 57% responded that they viewed the government as being “helpful.” Only 18% thought the opposite. This contrasts sharply with a 2014 poll conducted by the Washington Post which surveyed the entire adult population and found that 31% thought the government to be “more helpful,” compared to 36% which thought it was “more harmful.”

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