Obama administration considers arming Ukrainian military

Senior White House officials are now re-considering sending weapons to the Ukrainian military to aid their effort to dislodge Russian-backed separatists in eastern Ukraine.  The Obama administration currently provides the Ukrainian government with some forms of military aid; however, the administration has limited the assistance by preventing weapons as any part of an aid package.

The Obama administration has hesitated providing weapons to the Ukrainian military in order to avert an escalation of the conflict, preferring to rely on imposed sanctions and to aim for a diplomatic solution to the emerging crisis.  State Department spokeswoman Jen Psaki stated, “Our objective here is to change the behavior of Russia. That’s the reason we have put the sanctions in place.”

The Obama administration’s re-evaluation of policy in Ukraine arrives at the same moment when the United Nations expressed concern both the Ukrainian and pro-Russian rebels were deliberately targeting areas with a high concentration of civilians, which may cause civilian casualties to increase.  Since last April, the civilian toll has exceeded five-thousand dead.

The last undertaking the West, particularly the United States, needs to execute is to arm the Ukrainian military.

Western civilization has provoked Russia for the last quarter century.  The Kremlin’s response in Crimea and eastern Ukraine is, in part, and undeniably, a result of both NATO and the European Union (EU) encroaching on Russia’s sphere of influence through invitation to join the West’s economic and military alliances.  Arming the Ukrainian military will only aggravate the swelling trouble, promote U.S.-Russian relations to further deteriorate, expand the military situation and witness the death toll among civilians rise.

Russia did not appear “expansionist” until NATO and the EU reached their frontier.  Despite pleas from Putin and his predecessor, Boris Yeltsin, for the West to abandon either alliance from disturbing Russia’s comfort zone, the West proceeded to encircle Russia.  This is the Kremlin re-acting to what they perceive is a geopolitical threat.

How would the White House re-act if Red China concluded a military and economic alliance with Canada and Mexico but excluded the United States?

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