Congressman messes with Texas, waits for hell to freeze over

At a House Rules Committee meeting Monday on legislation that would repeal the Affordable Care Act, a heated exchange erupted between Congressman Alcee Hastings (D-Fla.) and Michael Burgess (R-Texas) over whose fault it was that some states didn’t create their own health insurance exchanges.

Burgess, a member of the House Energy and Commerce Committee, and the vice chairman of the sub-committee on Health, was testifying on Obamacare’s demerits as well as it’s nationwide unpopularity.

When it came time for Mr. Hastings to have the floor, Mr. Burgess made the comment that, “had the administration worked with the governors, we might not be in this position.”

(The Supreme Court is set to hear a challenge to the law and rule on it sometime later in 2015.

Hastings mocked Burgess’ remark, asserting that, “had the governors worked with the administration, we might not be in this position. I don’t know about in your state, which I think is a crazy state to begin with — and I mean that just as I said it.”

Hastings went on to say that he wouldn’t live in Texas, “for all the tea in China.”

When Burgess demanded an apology for degrading the great state of Texas, Mr. Hastings was in a defiant mood and calmly replied that, “you will wait until hell freezes over, for me to say anything in an apology. . . . I will not apologize.”


[Roll Call] [Photo courtesy Luis M. Alvarez/AP]