Palin was on reality TV, but you better not tell her that

We are nearly two years out from the next Presidential election, but there is still a lot of speculation spinning around who will be jumping into the race.

This is especially true of the Republican camp, which in recent history has been fielding a large cast of sometimes colorful characters. This week we found out that last year’s Republican hopeful, Mitt Romney, will not be pursuing the White House this cycle.

Former Alaska Governor and VP candidate, Sarah Palin also hinted this week that she would be throwing her hat in the ring, but took issue however at what she feels is the lack of gravitas and seriousness she is receiving from the “lame-stream media”.

Particularly she took issue at Fox, which she terms as a “Quasi or assumed conservative outlet”, and their flagship program The O’Reilly Factor.

In a teaser for an upcoming edition of the show, host Bill O’Reilly made the following tongue-in-cheek comment:

“Sarah Palin, Donald Trump, Chris Christie. All may run for President on the Republican side. Wow! Talk about a reality show!”

Palin was less than impressed by being associated with such a base form of entertainment as reality TV, even though she has starred in two reality TV shows and her daughter, Bristol, has appeared in several others.

In the clip below from the next night, O’Reilly defended himself by pointing out that his teaser was valid and also good-natured and ended with some helpful life advice for the former Alaska Governor.


[Fox News]


  1. Thomas Stephens

    Nice article. Glad to see The Hill continues reporting the facts without skewing everything to the left.

    Keep up the good work.

    Tom Stephenss
    O of C 2005

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