Biden clueless: Last 6 years ‘real tough’

In Philadelphia to address members of the House Democratic Caucus, Vice President Joe Biden stated:  “To state the obvious, the past six years have been really, really hard for this country.”  Biden continued:  “They’ve been really tough for our party. And together we made some really, really tough decisions, decisions that weren’t at all popular, hard to explain.”

Biden uttered these words with the emotion similar to reading the side of a cereal box aloud.

It is exasperating to determine which is more unsettling:  Biden’s thinly-veiled admission Obama’s policies have foundered or the fact it required six years for Biden to deduce they failed.

Bad policy, no policy, no budgets, the practice of refusing to work with Congress, executing a miserable strategy of shutting down one chamber of Congress for two years to halt legislative deeds, foisting the Affordable Care Act onto an ill-informed public, and watching the world unravel into lawlessness before our very eyes, in part, because of American impotence is typically difficult to articulate to a public petitioning for answers and leads to utter calamity for your party in the voting booth.

If it required six years for Biden to figure out how tough “things” are, one may reliably hypothesize the third grade was particularly grueling for Biden.

Voters are rapping on the White House door for some evidence of real recovery in the form of permanent jobs, an end of wage stagnation and without an overreaching governing agenda.

After listening to Biden, you can put me down as a skeptic this White House will offer any solutions.


[Weekly Standard]